Anupama Spoiler 12 August: Anupama will take a difficult decision to save Anuj’s life, Vanraj will tell the truth about the accident

Anupama Spoiler 12 August, 2022: Episode 654: Star Plus’s bang serial ‘Anupama’ remains on top of the TRP list these days. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’ is witnessing constant twists and turns, which has also kept the excitement of the people going for the show. On the previous day ‘Anupama’ it was shown that Kavya tells the truth to Anupama and the rest of the family that Anuj and Vanraj were talking while standing on the edge of the ditch. But before that they go to both of them, her sari pallu gets stuck. At the same time, by the time she removes that pallu, she sees that Vanraj and Anuj disappear from there. But Rupali Ganguly The twists coming in ‘Anupama’ do not end here.


Vanraj will remember the conversation with Anuj

,Anupama‘ It will be shown further that Vanraj gradually starts regaining consciousness. But before opening her eyes, she remembers the conversation she had with Anuj. He remembers that he takes Anuj to the ditch and tells him that you and Anupama snatched everything from me. When you took away my daughter, Anupama took away my Bapuji. Vanraj’s condition starts deteriorating even before Vanraj could remember the whole thing.



Anupama will take a difficult decision for Anuj

Blood clots start accumulating in Anuj’s head, due to which the doctors ask for permission for brain surgery. The doctors tell that it is necessary to do this surgery, otherwise Anuj’s life may be in danger. In such a situation, Anupama decides to get the surgery done immediately and tells the doctor not to wait any longer and do Anuj’s surgery immediately.



Vanraj will try to tell the truth to Anupama

After regaining consciousness, Vanraj will ask Kavya to call Anupama. He will try to tell her the truth. However, his talk will stop until he pushes Anuj. Anupama is shocked to hear Vanraj’s words, on the other hand Samar listens to both of them. Meanwhile, Baa starts pleading in front of Anupama and says, “If you have spent even a moment in my courtyard, don’t give my son to the police.”

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