Anupama: Rupali Ganguly wished her onscreen mother-in-law on her birthday, opened the box of memories in front of the era

Rupali Ganguly’s Birthday Wish for Alpana Buch: Serial ‘Anupama‘ the story of (Anupamaa Latest Episode) It is very rare in me when Anupama is made with Baa. Ba often taunts Anupama. Baa starts cursing Anupama whenever something goes wrong. Baa thought till now that Anuj was behind the destruction of Vanraj. Now even after the truth of Toshu’s extra-marital affair is revealed, Baa is jealous of Anupama. Baa claims that Anupama will never be happy. However, in real life, Baa and Anupama have a lot to do.

Anupama i.e. Rupali Ganguly considers Ba a lot. Some time back Rupali Ganguly has wished Alpana Buch on her birthday. On this special occasion, Rupali Ganguly has opened the box of her memories. Rupali Ganguly has shared many great pictures of herself and Alpana Buch on social media. in these pictures Rupali Ganguly She is seen posing with her onscreen mother-in-law.

Rupali Ganguly wrote this thing

In some picture Rupali Ganguly is harassing Alpana Butch and in some picture she is showering love on her onscreen mother-in-law. sharing these pictures Serial ‘Anupama’ wrote, Happy Birthday my cutlet…. When we both became besties from actors, no one knew. Love you ba…. May God give you happiness, peace, prosperity and strength to bear me for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday…. Thu Thu Thu….

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Got trolled badly on social media

It is worth noting that Ba ie Alpana Butch is getting trolled badly on social media at this time. Recently, Baa was seen supporting Toshu. This action of Baa has not been liked by the audience at all. Because of which people started telling lies to Alpana Buch. People are telling Baa an illiterate and stupid woman.

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