Anupama March 13 Episode: Anuj will be furious after younger Anu’s departure, will make serious allegations against Anupama

Anupama March 13 Episode Spoiler: Star Plus’ hit TV serial ‘Anupama’ is witnessing a lot of drama these days. Rupali Ganguly Ever since the entry of Chhavi Pandey in this Rupali Ganguly starrer serial, there has been an uproar. In this serial, Chhavi Pandey is seen in the character of ‘Maya’ and she has taken her little daughter Anu with her, due to which chaos has arisen in the life of Anuj Kapadia and Anupama. It was seen in the last episode that Maya told Anuj through phone that they can never live together in the same house. That’s why she has taken little Anu with her. Now Anuj’s fierce anger will be seen in the story.

Anuj will get angry on Anupama

TV serial ‘AnupamaIn the upcoming episode of Anupama, it will be seen that Anuj gets angry with his wife Anupama as she says that now they are going to meet little Anu for the last time. Anuj says how can she speak like that. Anuj says you fight for everything but now you have given up so easily. I should not give my daughter’s photo to anyone so easily. But you gave my daughter. During this, Anupama pacifies Anuj but he does not.

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Anuj will accuse Anupama

Further in the story, it will be seen that Anupama tries to convince Anuj that if he goes to the court for little Anu, the police will keep his daughter with him and he does not want that. But Anuj in return says that we cannot lay down arms before fighting a war. After this both have a lot of debate. But meanwhile, Anuj tells Anupama that you are not sad about leaving younger Anu because you have all your three children and if anything happens to any one of those three, you run away and I also stay with you. . But you will understand my pain less. My life is small.

Anuj will vandalize the room

In the serial ‘Anupama’, after all this drama, Anuj goes to his room, where he vandalises the room a lot. On the other hand, at the Shah house, Kavya is scared and feels that the whole fight between Anuj and Anupama is because of her. Meanwhile, at the Kapadia house, when Anuj vandalises the room, Anupama enters the room and apologizes to her husband and tries to pacify Anuj.

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