Anupama: In the matter of acting, Anuj left Anupama behind, seeing the expressions, the audience is also saluting

Gaurav Khanna Acting Impresses Fans: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’ is in turmoil these days. For the past many times, twists on twists are being seen in the episodes. These days the entire story of the show is revolving around Anuj Kapadia and Shah family. ,Anupama‘ (Anupama) Anuj Kapadia has also decided that now he will not get involved in the issues of Shah family. In these episodes Anuj Kapadia i.e. Gaurav Khanna (Gaurav Khanna’s) acting was also wonderful. Seeing his expressions and style, people forgot even Rupali Ganguly. Not only this, the audience is also praising Gaurav Khanna’s acting on social media.

Gaurav Khanna Fans are not tired of praising Gaurav Khanna for his acting. One user praised Gaurav Khanna and wrote, “I will always regret that I did not know this art of yours earlier. You not only lived this character, but also connected us very well with it. Yeh main baar baar Will repeat, because you have proved it time and again. No one else could have played Anuj Kapadia better than you.”


A user named PreetiAnupamaHe wrote in praise of actor Gaurav Khanna, “Your class is completely different. You are a power house of talent and no one can match your acting power. You have felt the pain, happiness and frustration of Anuj Kapadia very well.” ” A user named Aayushi wrote, “Earlier it looked like sunshine, but now it looks like midnight rain.”



This twist is going to come in Anupama

Rupali Ganguly starrer ‘Anupama’ will soon show that the distance between Anupama and Anuj will increase. On the other hand, Kavya will also decide to leave Vanraj and go to Delhi.

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