Anupama became a lioness in front of Ba and Pakhi, the fans could not believe it, said – this poor man again…

Anupama: Star Plus’s banging and powerful serial ‘Anupama’ has left no stone unturned to win the hearts of the people. Rupali Ganguly This show by Rupali Ganguly is also setting the TRP list on fire as it has remained on top since the beginning of the year. At the same time, an episode of Anupama, which came recently, has not only made the show trend on social media, but has also kept the audience by surprise. Actually, in the September 20 episode of ‘Anupama’ AnupamaA lioness was seen in front of Ba and Pakhi. Responding to Pakhi’s taunts, she said, “I have not allowed wrong to happen to me, so I will not allow wrong to happen to Kinjal either. My life is my rule.” The Shah family is also shocked after hearing this dialogue of Anupama. On the other hand, she does not hold back even from shutting Ba’s mouth.

But ‘Anupama‘ (Anupama) means Rupali Ganguly Seeing this avatar of (Rupali Ganguly), the fans are also confused. While on one hand he is feeling happy, on the other hand he is also worried about Anupama. Fans are also commenting a lot on social media about this avatar of Anupama. A user expressed concern about Anupama and wrote, “All I want to say is that it stays like this and moves on. Let him become Anupama Kapadia and understand that he does not need to take any unnecessary responsibility.”


User named Muskan Rupali Ganguly Giving advice about the starrer ‘Anupama’, tweeted, “Anu has given full dose to Ba and Pakhi today. Hope it stays like this.” Praising ‘Anupama’, a user named Komal wrote, “Anupama finally found a way to deal with Baa.”


Let us tell you that many social media users also expressed happiness over the trolling of Ba and Pakhi in ‘Anupama’. A user said on Pakhi’s class, “The way Paakhi Vanraj Shah has been trolled, it was worth watching. There is no doubt that Rupali Ganguly you are the expression queen. You would have become the best by playing the role of Anupama in Savage Mode. Are.”


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