Anupama 4 November Episode: Pakhi will blackmail Anuj with fake tears, Barkha will lay a trap for more!

Anupama Upcoming Twist 4 November: TV actress Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’ has started making a splash on the small screen as well as in the TRP list. But now the show is getting tough competition from ‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ in the TRP list, such makers are constantly Anupama I am trying to bring such twists, so that it remains at number 1 as usual. On the previous day too, it was shown in ‘Anupama’ that Adhika enters Pakhi’s house in her room and makes all kinds of promises to her. On the other hand Anupama gets worried about Pakhi. But the twists and turns coming in ‘Anupama’ do not end here.


Pakhi will plead in front of Anupama

Anupama It will be further shown in (Anupama) that every member of the house remains angry with Pakhi. In such a situation, more tells him that till the family members do not adopt us, we will sleep separately. In such a situation, she goes to Chhoti’s room, but there she sees Anupama. She starts pleading in front of Anupama and says, “At least hug in anger.” Anupama melts with Pakhi’s words and both the mother and daughter hug and cry.



Barkha’s attempt to expose more will fail

Barkha tries to expose more on the other side. She asks him to get out more truth, “Bol you married Pakhi to use her. You want to use her.” Barkha speaks more under pressure, but she knows that Barkha is recording her words. In such a situation, he takes the mobile from his hand and says, “I am your brother and I am aware of everything about you.”

Pakhi will blackmail Anuj for grand marriage

Rupali Ganguly (Rupali Ganguly) K Entertainment In the full-fledged show ‘Anupama’, it will be further shown that the whole family agrees to get Adhik and Pakhi remarried. At the same time, Anupama tells her daughter that she will be married to Shah House. But she starts demanding a grand venue, to which Anupama taunts her, “Didn’t think of that before running away?” Hearing her, Pakhi starts blackmailing Anuj. As he is about to agree to Pakhi, Anupama stops him.

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