Anupama 23 November Episode: As soon as she regains consciousness, Anupama gets shocked, seeing Dimpy’s condition, Anuj starts crying

Anupama Upcoming Twist 23 November: TV actress Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’ has left a tremendous impression on the hearts and minds of people these days. To make the show number one in the TRP list, the makers have added a new story from Anupama and Anuj’s life, which has surprised even the fans. On the previous day, in Rupali Ganguly starrer Anupama, it was shown that in order to save Dimpy and Nimit, Anupama and Anuj get into trouble with the goons and wash them fiercely. But while Anupama and Anuj are bringing both of them towards the car, the goons attack them and both of them fall unconscious. But the twists and turns in Anupama do not end here.

Anupama and Anuj will find Dimple as soon as she regains consciousness.

Rupali Ganguly (Rupali Ganguly) starrer ‘Anupama‘ It will further be shown that Anupama regains consciousness and somehow wakes up Anuj. After regaining consciousness, both try to stand up and immediately remember Dimple and Nimit. While Nimit is in the car, he does not see Dimple anywhere. In such a situation, both start looking for Dimple.

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Dimple will be a victim of rape

Anupama moves forward on the road looking for Dimple, but Anupama and Anuj start screaming after seeing her condition there. While Anupama cries bitterly, Anuj also shouts why a girl cannot be safe in the society. Actually, Dimple becomes a victim of rape, who is somehow taken to the hospital by Anupama and Anuj. On the other hand, Anuj immediately informs the police about the matter.

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Baa will snatch the food box from Vanraj’s hand.

The whole family is having breakfast together at Shah House. Meanwhile, Vanraj packs the tiffin and starts going to give it to Pakhi. But then the rest of the family including Baa stops him. Baa tells Vanraj that nothing will happen for Pakhi from this house. If we just keep helping her, she herself will not learn anything. Baa angrily snatches away the tiffin from Vanraj’s hand.

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Anupama will decide to get justice for Dimpy.

Entertainment The action-packed ‘Anupamaa’ will further show that Anupama gets upset seeing Dimple’s condition, but she consoles her that she and Anuj are with her in this fight. On the other hand, Nimit says that he does not get into any legal trouble. However, Dimple is sure that Nimit will never leave her side. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see what tactics Anupama uses to teach those goons a lesson.

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