Anupama 22 November Episode: Anupama will return to her old life as soon as she loses her memory, Anuj’s life will also be difficult

Anupama Upcoming Twist 22 November: TV’s famous actress Rupali Ganguly and actor Gaurav Khanna’s hit show ‘Anupama’ has created a storm on the small screen as well as the TIRP list. Makers are making millions of efforts to bring Rupali Gangulyt and Gaurav Khanna’s show back to number one. Now he has given a new twist to the story of Anupama and Anuj, in which two unknown people have also entered their lives. Last day in ‘Anupama’ it was shown that Anupama and Anuj stay at a dhaba with Dimple and Nirmit. But then goons come there, who start teasing Dimple. Anuj gets furious seeing this. The goons also click Dimpy’s photo. But the twists and turns in ‘Anupama’ do not end here.

Goons will misbehave with Anupama and Dimple

Rupali Ganguly’s bang showAnupama‘ It will further be shown that as soon as Anupama and Dimple start coming back from the bathroom, the goon starts taking their photos there. Anupama stops him from doing so, but he instead starts being rude. Meanwhile, Anupama replies to Anuj, to which he and Nirmit rush to reach there and help them. Anuj beats up the goons and takes everyone away from there. But the goons do not desist from their antics and go after them.

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Anuj and Anupama will gear up to wash the goons

Anupama will further show that Dimple and Nirmit get off somewhere along the way. Both are about to move when the goons come back and start misbehaving with both of them. Meanwhile, Anupama and Anuj return to give the charger to both. They tighten their gear seeing the goons there. While Anupama disguises as Maa Durga to teach them a lesson, Anuj also washes them fiercely.

Watch the spoiler video of ‘Anupamaa’

Anuj-Anupama fell unconscious on the road due to the attack

Entertainment In Anupama full of entertainment news, as soon as Anupama and Anuj are getting ready and taking Dimple with them, one of them attacks Anuj and Anupama with a stick. Due to the attack of the goons, both of them fall unconscious on the road. In such a situation, it is believed about Anupama that Anupama will lose her memory and she will come back to her old life again. On the other hand, Anuj’s life will also change completely after this accident.

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