Anupama 21 September: Kinjal will reach Anupama’s house with sack-bed, Anuj will put shackles on his wife’s feet

Anupama Upcoming Twist 21 September: Episode 688: TV actress Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’ is constantly in the hearts and minds of the audience these days. ‘Anupama’ is not only showing its power in the TRP list, but is also holding onto the small screen through its twists and turns. In the last day’s ‘Anupama’ it was shown that Baa and Pakhi hold Anupama responsible for breaking Paritosh’s house, but Anupama also does not hold back from giving them a befitting reply and shuts both of them by saying My Life My Rule. But Rupali Ganguly The twists coming in Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupama’ do not end here.

Kinjal will get rid of Shah House

As soon as Kinjal’s eyes opened Anupama Asking to call. But Kinjal forbids them to do so. While everyone is sitting outside having breakfast, Kinjal comes with her belongings and says that she cannot stay in Shah House, because staying here will make her remember everything and her mind will explode. Just then Rakhi Dave comes there who tells her to take Kinjal with her. But Kinjal refuses to go with him too.

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Anuj will put shackles on Anupama’s feet

Barkha, Ankush come more and say in front of Anuj that Anupama does something for everyone, but later she has to suffer. This later pricks Anuj and he tells Anupama as soon as she arrives that she tries to help people, but herself becomes their victim. In such a situation, till now someone does not ask her for help herself, she will not help anyone.

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Anupama and Anuj will support Kinjal

Kinjal leaves Shah house and comes to Anupama’s house. Vanraj and Kavya themselves bring Kinjal and Pari to Anupama’s house, where Anupama and Anuj warmly welcome Kinjal. On the other hand, khichdi is cooking in Toshu’s mind. He tells Samar that Kinjal has gone to Anupama the Great’s house, not her mother. He also calls Kinjal, but Kinjal disconnects his call.

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Anupama’s life will be haram

Regarding Anupama, it is believed that Paritosh will not give up. He will meet Samar after Kinjal goes to Kapadia House. Also, Anupama will make such a plan, so that Anupama herself will reach Paritosh with Kinjal and Pari.


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