Anupama 19 March Episode: Anuj will oust Anupama from life, will break all relations in one stroke

Anupama March 19 Episode Spoiler: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer ‘Anupamaa’ has been creating buzz among the audience. Everyday a new twist comes in this serial, which has caught the attention of the fans. Makers are not leaving a single chance to spice up ‘Anupama’. Ever since Maya’s entry in the serial, there has been an earthquake in Anupama and Anuj’s life and now Maya has taken little Anu with her. Because of this, Anuj turned away from his beloved Anu. But in the upcoming episode, once again Anuj will create a ruckus. Whereas, Anupama will be seen pleading to talk to her husband.

Anupama will plead in front of Anuj

TV serial ‘Anupama, (Anupam) I get to see that Anuj is not talking to Anupama. For this reason, in the upcoming episode, Anupama asks her husband to talk to her again and again. She starts pleading in front of Anuj so that somehow Anuj will talk to her. She says again and again why are you punishing yourself Anuj. you have to talk to me But Anuj does not agree.

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Anut will tell about going away from Anupama

To see further in this serial, it will be seen that after listening to Anupama’s words, Anuj gets angry and he shouts that he does not want to talk to anyone. He says that since my daughter has gone, I should not talk to anyone. I can’t because I have lost my daughter. You told me that we will fight till the last breath. But you didn’t let me fight. Let me try Next to this Anuj says that Anupama you can fight with the whole world for your children then why couldn’t you fight with an illusion for my Anu. How far have you distanced yourself from me along with the little one. I am going away from you every second. i don’t want to see you Anuj also says that our relationship has become a burden for me.

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Devika and Dheeraj will enter

Further to see in the serial ‘Anupama’, Devika and Dheeraj will also enter the house when Anuj is venting his anger on Anupama. Both the news of their marriage will come. But here he will come to know about the departure of little Anu. During this, Devika will talk to Anupama and Dheeraj will try to pacify Anuj. Dheeraj will tell his friend not to do this. Anupama knows what she is doing. However, Anuj does not keep his anger aside.

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