Anupama 11 March Episode: Anupama will rub nose in front of Maya for the sake of Chhoti, will hand over her husband in return!

Anupama Upcoming Twist 11 March: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna The starrer ‘Anupama’ has been in the news a lot these days. These days the story of little Anu and Maya has again caught fire in the show. While Anupama and Anuj are busy with the birthday celebrations, Maya is planning to take Chhoti. Last day also in Rupali Ganguly’s “Anupama” it was shown that Anupama is busy in birthday party with her children and husband. Maya sheds crocodile tears in front of little Anu and poisons her mind against Anupama and Anuj. . But Rupali Ganguly Of ‘AnupamaThe coming twists do not end here.

Maya will be furious with little Anu

Rupali Ganguly In K “Anupama” it will be seen that Maya will run away with Chhoti Anu. She will explain to Anu that Anuj Anupama has everything, but Maya has nothing. Maya will fill Chhoti’s mind that because of her, Anuj And Anupama have had several fights. After listening to her words, younger Anu agrees to go with Maya. Maya leaves behind a message of ‘goodbye’.

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Anuj will question Anupama’s affection

,Anupama’ As soon as Anupama enters Chhoti’s room and sees, she screams. She tells Anuj that Maya has gone away with her daughter. Both start to find the little one. Anuj turns red in anger. Dimpy tries to give her water, but Anuj takes the glass from her hand and throws it away. Not only this, when Anupama also calms him down, Anuj exclaims, “Our daughter is gone and how can you remain calm. What kind of mother are you?”

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Anupama will sacrifice husband Anuj for younger Anu

The flavor of entertainment in Rupali Ganguly’s ‘Anupama’ does not end here. Soon it will be seen in the show that Choti calls Anupama from Maya’s phone. Anupama asks him the name of the place, but he does not tell. In the promo of the show, it was shown that Anupama begs Maya to let her meet Chhoti. She even makes Maya swear on Anuj and says, “Only for Anuj, but let us meet once.” Maya replies to this, “Not once but for the last time.”

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