Anupama 10 March Episode: Anupama will not even ask Baa and Vanraj on their birthday, Maya will kidnap little Anu

Anupama Upcoming Twist 10 March: TV’s explosive serial ‘Anupama’ has become very much discussed these days. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna Such twists and turns are continuously coming in K’s ‘Anupama’, which has definitely taken the excitement of the people towards the show to the seventh sky. Along with this, the number 1 position has also been given in the TRP list. days gone Bye Rupali Ganguly Of ‘Anupama‘ It was seen that Anupama and Anuj take little Anu to Mumbai orphanage. There, Anupama and Anuj celebrate the birthday with everyone and have a lot of fun with Choti on the beach. Barkha, on the other hand, tries checking Maya’s room but finds nothing there. However, the twists and turns coming in ‘Anupama’ do not end here.

Anupama will not invite Baa and Vanraj on her birthday

,Anupama‘ We will soon see that Maya will taunt them to collect evidence as soon as she learns that Anupama and Anuj had gone to Mumbai. But Anupama will also give him a befitting reply. Anupama will celebrate the birthday with all her kids, but will not invite Baa and Vanraj to the celebration. Even Kavya’s ex-husband Anirudh will be involved in her birthday celebration.



Maya will poison Chhoti Anu’s mind

Rupali Ganguly In ‘Anupama’, it will be seen that behind Anupama-Anuj’s back, Maya will poison Chhoti’s mind. She will shed crocodile tears in front of him and say that she is leaving the next day. She will impress upon Chhoti that because of her there is a fight between Anupama and Anuj and it is because of Chhoti that Anupama is not able to meet her other children.




Maya will abscond with little Anu

The dose of entertainment in ‘Anupama’ does not end here. It was seen in the promo of the show that as soon as Anupama enters the room to meet Chhoti, she cries seeing the scene there. Actually, Maya takes Chhoti and leaves a message of ‘goodbye’. Seeing this, the ground slips under the feet of Anupama and Anuj.

Sampath will come to help Anupama-Anuj

In Gaurav Khanna’s ‘Anupama’, it will be seen that Sampath will come to the aid of Anupama and Anuj. He will help both of them in catching Maya. According to media reports, after catching Maya, Anupama will hand her over to the police. But in the eyes of little Anu, she will become a villain.


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