Anjali Arora breaks silence after MMS leak, says ‘My family has also made all the videos…’

Anjali Arora MMS leak controversy: social media star Anjali Arora Participated as a contestant in Kangana Ranaut and Ekta Kapoor’s reality show ‘Lock Up’. Anjali Arora got a different identity among the audience from this show. Anjali Arora is once again in the headlines these days. Recently, a video of her is becoming increasingly viral on social media and this video has been described as Anjali Arora’s MMS. In such a situation, now Anjali Arora has broken her silence on the MMS leak.

Anjali Arora breaks silence on MMS leak
Talking about MMS leak with Sidharth Kanan Anjali Arora Was seen getting very emotional. The actress said that like the rest of the people, I too have a family and all these things make a difference to her too. He said that people have added his name in a video to get some views on social media. Talking about the actress said, ‘There are some people who are taking this thing in a wrong way. If you want to defame someone, then in this way. It is said that when someone is not equal, then start defaming him. What have I done wrong, what have I done, I am not even that. Before doing such things, these people do not think that what will be the effect on someone’s family, whether their family will be able to bear these things or not. I myself am not old enough to bear these things, I am only 21 years old. These things are becoming very normal that anyone’s photo has been edited, anyone’s video has been edited. It is not right to play with someone’s honour.

Anjali further said, ‘I do not know why you are doing it? People have made me. They too have a family.. I too have a family. My family also watches all the videos. Sometimes I think when I see all these things why are they doing what I am not in. Why are I spreading so much to the one in which I am?..for the useless things on youtube for views. Anjali Arora’s MMS. I too have a family… have younger brothers who see this.’

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