World number one tennis star Ashleigh Barty’s ‘cricket connection’, how she left the racket and picked up the bat and then became world number one as soon as she returned

Ashleigh Barty, the world’s number one female tennis player (Ashleigh Barty) The announcement of retirement surprised all the sports lovers as well as disappointed. Hajj, who won three Grand Slams at the age of 25, is currently the world number one player. He won the Australian Open in January this year. (Australian Open) History was created by winning the title of The Australian player informed the fans about his retirement by sharing a video on his official Instagram account on Wednesday morning.

Barty is known as an all-rounder player. Apart from tennis, she also plays golf, netball and cricket. Barty Professionally Cricket League BBL (Big Bash League) I have also played. Barty has a special relationship with this game, which has persisted from a very young age. Barty also considers the lessons learned from the game of cricket very important in her tennis success.

Barty’s Cricket Connection

Barty started playing professional tennis in the year 2010 and then announced a break after just four years. Barty then said that she wanted to live life as a normal teenager. Ashley decided to play cricket after meeting the Australian women’s cricket team in early 2015. She joined the Big Bash League team Brisbane Heat. Although she could not do anything special in 9 matches and 39 runs in 27 balls was her biggest score. After this he made up his mind to return to tennis. This time his comeback was great. u

Cricket taught Barty many important lessons

That journey of cricket was very important for Barty. Some time ago she had said that after 18 months away from tennis, she played cricket, she became a better person on and off court and it also helped her to find a good tennis player. Talking about his cricketing experience, he had said, “When 15, 16 girls are playing together then all are part of the team, everyone helps each other to grow. When I went there I was greeted very well. We won a match at the Gabba after which we went to drink beer. I had never done this after a victory. After returning to tennis in the year 2017, she became world number one and gradually started beating veterans like Simona Halle. She won three Grand Slams and was also runner-up once.

Asleigh Barty: Won 3 Grand Slams in 4 years, became a billionaire at the age of 25, retired while remaining world number one

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