World Championships: Before winning the medal, the player broke the world record, did wonders in the 100 meter Hurdle Race

New Delhi: The world record for the women’s 100m hurdles event has been broken at the World Athletics Championships. Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan has now set a new world record while running in the semi-final heat of this World Championship. Putting all his might, he measured this distance in just 12.12 seconds. While the world record was 12.20 seconds. Usually, most athletes do not put their full energy into the semi-finals, but the 25-year-old Nigerian sprinter broke the world record without caring for her. Earlier, she has also made a new African record in the opening heat of this event.

Toby Emmuson advanced to the final, setting a world record in the semi-final heat. In the same competition, Emusen finished fourth in the Tokyo Olympics and in the 2019 World Championships.

The first American sprinter had a world record

Before Toby Emuson of Nigeria, the world record for women’s 100 meters hurdles was held by Kenny Harrison of America. He had taken 12.20 seconds for this in the year 2016. Then he broke the record of 42 years in this event.

African record was made in the opening round

Nigerian sprinter Toby Emusen had a personal best of 12.40 seconds before setting the world record, which he set in the opening round of the same World Championships. When he did this, the script for the new African record was also written in this race. After making the world record, Emusen said that she was ready for it and was looking for this opportunity.

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