Virat Kohli has set his goal, whatever he is determined to achieve, no matter what he has to do

Virat Kohli Currently away from the cricket field. After completing the England tour, he did not go to the West Indies with Team India. They have been given rest. The veteran Indian batsman, who is struggling with poor form, is now going to be played next month. Asia Cup 2022 I hope to see. This time the Asia Cup is to be played in the T20 format and in view of the recent form, there is a demand for Kohli to be dropped from this format. All these things are not making any difference to Kohli. So he has set a new goal.

Former Indian captain Kohli may not be in good form, but his passion and passion for Team India and the game of cricket as a whole has not diminished. Everyone is aware of this and he has not missed to show his enthusiasm even in his bad times. This passion of his is reflected in his goal, which he has set for the coming days. This is the same goal, which is the goal of every Indian player, but it is even more special to set such a target on behalf of the player whose team is in trouble.

Virat told his goal

Sports broadcaster Star Sports made a tweet on Saturday 23 July and also put the words of Virat Kohli in front of his fans. In this statement given to Star Sports, Kohli explained his goal in clear words and said,

My main goal is to help India win the Asia Cup and the World Cup and I am ready to do whatever it takes for the team.

Kohli will return from Asia Cup!

Obviously this statement of Kohli is enough to increase the enthusiasm of him and the fans of Team India. Whether Kohli will get a place in the T20 World Cup team or not, the decision is still far away. However, he is certain to be selected for the Asia Cup and probably his performance in this tournament will decide his fate in the World Cup squad. Kohli would also like to not only return to form himself through this tournament, but would also like to prepare himself for the World Cup.

The Asia Cup will start from August 27. Although the tournament is to be held in Sri Lanka, but given the economic condition of the country, its chances are now very less. It is believed that the tournament will be organized in the United Arab Emirates.

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