Video: Took 4 steps and then ‘flyed’ in the air, whoever saw this catch, caught his head

It’s July 27th. England and South Africa The first match of the T20 series was played between England scored 234 runs, in response to which South Africa also showed emphasis but the team lost after scoring 193 runs. Players from South Africa unknown Tristan Stubbs He blew the ball in the air several times with smoky batting and surprised everyone. Now after 4 days, Stubbs is again in discussion and this time due to himself catching the ball by flying in the air, which again surprised everyone.

This incident is of Sunday 31 July. Once again South Africa and England were in the ground and the third match of the series was being played. This time in Southampton ground, South Africa batted first and scored 191 runs. Stubbs scored 8 runs in 4 balls. But this time it was the turn to make a name for himself with fielding, not batting. This opportunity also came in the 10th over of England’s innings.

Fielding at covers, caught at mid-off

Off-spinner Aidan Markram wanted to play the last ball of the over, left-handed batsman Moeen Ali on the side, but due to excessive bounce, the bat hit the edge. The ball jumps in the air towards mid-off. All the South African fielders screamed with hope, but what happened in a few seconds was unbelievable for anyone.

Stubbs, standing in the covers, ran a few steps to his left and then just as the ball was about to hit the ground, then completely flying in the air, spread his left hand. The timing was so right that the ball landed directly in his hand.

Big win for South Africa

Leave Moeen Ali, Stubbs himself did not believe in this catch. The entire South African team ran towards Stubbs with enthusiasm and lifted him in the air. There was a sudden shocking excitement in the voices of the commentators. The whole stadium was stunned and everyone holding their heads started wondering how this happened. This catch of 21-year-old Stubbs gave more encouragement to the South African team and the team’s spinners defeated England for just 101 runs and won the match by 90 runs.

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