VIDEO: Son of laborer became proud of India in CWG by lifting 313 kg

New Delhi: ‘ This is a laborer’s hand, it melts iron and changes its shape’ … This dialogue of Sunny Deol speaks of the power held in the hands of the workers of India. Even that 20-year-old Indian boy is not a laborer, but he is definitely the son of a laborer. she too Commonwealth Games 2022 I have lifted 313 kg of iron. After lifting this weight, he is no longer just a player, he has become the pride of India. Has become the pride of India. He has made his right in the hearts of 140 crore people who make noise of India-India. The name is Achinta Sheuli.

Achint Sheuli was the third weightlifter of India, hoisted the tricolor on the chest of the Commonwealth Games. Won the gold medal on his own for the sake of the country. For India’s golden victory, 20-year-old Shuli lifted the weight of 313 kg with his own hands. This is a new record made in the Commonwealth Games in the men’s 73 kg weight category.

The one who played with iron showed the strength of iron

Born in Howrah, West Bengal, reaching the pinnacle of weightlifting has never been easy for Achint Shuli. But he showed the same will power as iron in this iron-lifting game. His father used to drive a rickshaw or work as a laborer to maintain the family. He passed away when Shuley was 12 years old. A mountain of sorrows fell on the family because after the passing of the father, the family faced a crisis of livelihood.

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