T20 World Cup 2022: Three teams, 3 matches and ruckus, 5 controversies made headlines with excitement

The T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia came to an end with ups and downs, thrills, rain ruckus and some tremendous bouts. It was a tournament in which everything was seen – the defeat of the defending champion, the poor condition of the title contender and the two-time champion was cleared in the first round itself. Some players overturned matches on the basis of personal superiority. Many smaller teams performed better than expected. But no tournament can escape from controversies and this time also the same happened and especially the decisions of the umpires became the cause of the ruckus.

In the final held on Sunday 13 November at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, England won the title by defeating Pakistan. Pakistan got this second major defeat within 21 days at the historic ground of Melbourne. Earlier on 23 October, Pakistan had faced India on a similar Sunday evening, which was the first match of both the teams in this tournament and the dispute started with this match.

Kohli, Nawaz and no-ball

On 23 October, there was an exciting match between India and Pakistan at the MCG in front of 90 thousand spectators, in which Virat Kohli played an unbeaten innings of 82 runs and gave India a surprising victory. However, just before the victory, there was a ruckus in the last over of the innings. Mohammad Nawaz’s third ball was a full toss, on which Kohli hit a six. However, during this time Kohli looked at the umpire and demanded a no-ball. The umpire also gave a no-ball. Many players, including Pakistani captain Babar Azam, started raising objections to this. His argument was that the ball was not very high and in such a situation a no-ball could not be given. However, the umpire did not change his decision. On this, from Pakistani fans to former Pakistani cricketers created a lot of ruckus.

Free-hit, bowled and bye

One dispute gave birth to another. Nawaz got a free hit after being given a no ball. Nawaz first bowled a wide ball. Then when his ball came on the line of the exact stump, Kohli got bowled on it, but it was a free hit, then Kohli and Dinesh Karthik took 3 runs on it, which was declared by the umpire. Pakistani players started raising questions on this too. Then the Pakistani cricket fraternity got upset and started accusing the umpires to the ICC of being with India. However, they forgot the rule that runs can be scored on a free hit, unless the ball hits the hands of the wicketkeeper or bowler, after which it becomes dead.

Shakib Al Hasan’s wicket

Once again the match of the Pakistani team was the center of controversy. Pakistan’s last match in Super-12 was against Bangladesh. In this match, Shakib Al Hasan missed while trying to play a sweep off the ball of Pakistan’s Shan Masood and LBW was appealed against him. Umpire gave it out. Shakib took DRS and was given out there too. But this sparked controversy, as replays and the snickometer showed that the ball had hit Shakib’s bat before hitting the pad, but the umpire ignored it and ruled that the bat had hit the pitch.

Wet Field Competition

This time India-Pakistan and Bangladesh remained at the center of the controversies. The India-Bangladesh match also did not end without controversies. Bangladesh scored 66 runs in 9 overs in response to the target of 184 runs from India. Then rain stopped the match. After about 40 minutes, the match started again and India came back strongly and won the match by 5 runs. However, after the match, Bangladeshi fans, Bengali journalists and the Bangladesh Cricket Board questioned the umpires that they started the match in a hurry without the ground completely dry. In fact, if the match did not start, then Team India could have lost by the Duckworth-Lewis rule.

Fake fielding allegation

This match gave rise to another controversy, which came to the fore after the match was over. India beat Bangladesh by a slight margin of 5 runs. After the match was over, Bangladesh wicketkeeper Nurul Hasan alleged that Virat Kohli did ‘fake fielding’ but the umpires ignored it. According to the rules of the ICC, if the batsmen have trouble due to fake fielding, then the umpire can give 5 runs as a penalty as its punishment. Even on this, the Bangladeshi board said that the umpires did not listen to them and they would raise the issue at an appropriate forum. However, here Hasan and the Bangladeshi board forgot that when this happened, the umpires did not see it. Also, this did not distract the attention of Bangladeshi batsmen.

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