Shubman Gill and Gujarat Titans broke up?

Gujarat Titans entered the Indian Premier League for the first time this year and this team under the captaincy of Hardik Pandya was successful in winning the title for the first time. Gujarat’s young batsman Shubman Gill had a big role in this title win in IPL-2022 and it was expected that the franchise would keep Gill together, but the franchise has made a tweet on Saturday that will help both of them. There is a suspicion of the end of the relationship. Later, however, the franchise cleared the picture on this.

Gujarat made a tweet on Saturday evening which seems to have severed its ties with Gill. Gill has also retweeted this tweet. Gujarat tweeted, “This journey was memorable. We wish you all the best for your new work, Shubman Gill.”

people got confused

From this tweet from Gujarat, it seems that the franchise has made up its mind to break its ties with Gill and is ready to hand over Gill to another franchise. At the same time, Gill has retweeted it, which also felt that if this is the case, then Gill has also accepted this decision and he is ready to leave the team with consent. There was confusion for a long time about what is the reality of this matter. IPL franchises often used to do things that confuse people on social media. Before IPL 2022, Rajasthan Royals did something similar with Sanju Samson. By the way, when a team breaks its ties with a player, it clearly states this thing through an official statement, but so far it has not been seen from Gujarat side.

Gujarat removes confusion

Gujarat, which tied the fans with them on a tweet, however, after about two and a half hours, lifted the curtain on this secret and told that Gill is not going anywhere and he will stay with the team.

did wonders with the bat

Gill used to play for Kolkata Knight Riders before Gujarat. He made his debut in IPL for the first time in 2018 and made his debut with Kolkata team, but last year Kolkata did not retain Gill and then Gujarat added him. Gill scored 483 runs in 16 matches while playing for Gujarat last year. He scored four fifties. Gill played 74 matches in his IPL career and scored 1900 runs at an average of 32.20. He has 14 fifties to his name in IPL.

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