Ronaldo wanted to return to his old club, was waiting for the phone, got disappointed

When the current veteran footballer Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United, everyone was waiting for what would be his new football club? The wait for this also ended on Saturday. Ronaldo tied up with Al Nasr of Saudi Arabia. But Ronaldo did not want to go to this club. His wish was to go to one of his old clubs. However, this wish of Ronaldo could not be fulfilled.

According to the report of the Spanish newspaper Marca, Ronaldo was waiting for a call from his old club Real Madrid. Ronaldo hoped that Madrid would contact him and once again he entered Spanish football. Waiting for Ronaldo, waiting remained.

long wait

Ever since the news of Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United surfaced, the eyes of the Saudi Arabian club were fixed on the Portuguese star, Ronaldo also knew about it but at that time he was busy with the FIFA World Cup-2022 and Didn’t want any kind of distraction. Ronaldo had denied the news of the agreement with Al Nasr at that time. But even at that time talks were going on with the club.

Ronaldo also knew that the chances of a top club in European football signing him were slim. Bargaining was being done on behalf of Ricardo Regufe, close to Ronaldo.

Nine years with Real Madrid

There was a time when it seemed that Ronaldo and Real Madrid would not get along. Ronaldo joined the Spanish club in 2009 and at that time he went to the Spanish club from Manchester United. Ronaldo spent nine years with Real Madrid. In 2018, he left this club and moved to Italian club Juventus. Then went to Manchester United from there.

became the most expensive footballer

Al Nasr announced the deal by releasing a picture of five-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo on social media, in which he is holding the team’s jersey. Ronaldo signed with this club till June 2025. This 37-year-old football star could be the last career contract for which he will get a hefty amount. According to media reports, this Portugal star can earn $ 200 million per year from this deal, which will make him the highest paid player in the history of football.

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