Ravi Shastri did a surprising thing about Test cricket, said – only 6 teams should play

New Delhi: Former Indian cricket team coach Ravi Shastri has given a big statement about Test cricket. While there is talk of expansion of Test cricket, Shastri has suggested to limit it further. Shastri wants that not many teams play in Test cricket, but at least teams participate. This former all-rounder says that only six teams should play in Test cricket. He says that other teams should race to qualify in these six teams.

For many years there has been talk that Test cricket is dying out and it should be promoted. To take Test cricket closer to the fans, the ICC had implemented the Day-Night format in Tests. Now day-night test match is played in almost every series. Along with this, the ICC also started the World Test Championship.

Focus on quantity not on quality

Shastri said that in relation to Test cricket, the focus should be on quantity rather than quality. Shastri said, “You cannot play with 10-12 teams. You need to have a top six team. You focus on the quality, not the quantity. This is the only way you can open the window for those who play cricket. If you want to take cricket forward, then you should increase the teams in ODIs and T20s. But in Test cricket, the number of teams will have to be reduced.

rules for qualifying

Shastri has given another suggestion in this regard. He has said that every team should qualify to be in the top-6 teams. He said, “Whether it is India, Australia or England, if you want to play a Test match, you should qualify for the red-ball series. Then it doesn’t matter whether West Indies goes to England or not, or whether England goes to West Indies or not. If he is in the top-6, he will play. If not, then will not play.”

The ICC started the World Test Championship from 2019. In this, the top-8 teams of the Test ranking play and after two years of cycle, the two teams that top the points table play the final. In the first edition of this championship, India and New Zealand had made it to the finals.

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