Ravi Shastri Birthday: On winning India’s match, Pakistani player said – ‘Cheating’, Ravi Shastri ran to kill with a shoe

Ravi Shastri also has his own style. It’s a different style. remain in the limelight. At present, one of his ad is covered on television. Ravi Shastri on 27th May (Ravi Shastri) The mention of it becomes even more important because this day is special for them. Actually, today is Ravi Shastri’s birthday. Ravi, who was the former cricketer, director and head coach of Team India, has turned 60 today. Obviously, the celebration of this day will be celebrated with great enthusiasm. There are countless stories related to Ravi Shastri, who has seen 60 springs of life. Just last year, in which he launched his book ‘Stargazing’, he has mentioned many such incidents related to his life. One incident is related to attacking a Pakistani player with shoes, which he has also mentioned in that book.

According to the revelations made in the book, that incident of Ravi Shastri is related to Pakistan’s legendary player Javed Miandad. The year was 1987 and the place was Hyderabad of India. It is clear that the Pakistani team must have been on the Indian tour. The third match of the ODI series was being played. India defeated Pakistan in this match. But, what Javed Miandad did after that, filled Ravi Shastri with anger.

Pakistan lost the third ODI to India

India had batted first in that ODI played in Hyderabad. and scored 212 runs. Ravi Shastri scored the highest 69 runs for India. On the other hand, Kapil Dev had scored 59 runs. When the Pakistani team came to chase the target of 213 runs, it came close to victory but could not win. On the last ball, he needed 2 runs to win, took the first run but Abdul Qadir was run out in stealing the second run. Now the score was equal for both the teams. But since India had lost one wicket less than Pakistan, it was considered won.

Shastri was furious for saying so much to Miandad

This defeat was not tolerated by Pakistan. Pakistan’s player Javed Miandad was stunned by this defeat and he came to Team India’s dressing room and said that. You people win by cheating. All I had to hear was that Ravi Shastri got furious and lifted the shoe to kill Miandad. He ran after her till the Pakistani dressing room. When Pakistan captain Imran Khan intervened, the matter was resolved. Then both the players also did not give much importance to the matter and patched up.

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