Rameez Raja’s open pole, Pakistani cricketer openly said – did not give our money

The sacked former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Rameez Raja continues to be in the limelight. While in office and now even after being thrown out of the board, Rameez Raja is either creating a ruckus with his statements or getting himself insulted. A new case has been added in this connection going on for the last few days and this can put Rameez Raja in trouble. Difficult – Money scam in PCB. This matter has come to the fore from the tweet of a junior cricketer from Pakistan, who has alleged that he was not paid for playing in the Pakistan Junior League.

On Saturday 31st December, PCB decided to discontinue the Pakistan Junior League tournament started by Rameez Raja after just one season. Expressing his displeasure over this decision, Rameez Raja tweeted, It is sad that PJL has become a victim of vendetta politics and has been shut down while 7 players out of it reached the emerging category of PSL 8 and 3 players from Pakistan- There are reserves in the New Zealand series.

Junior cricketer accused

Responding to Rameez’s tweet, a Pakistani man named Haroon wrote, “It was a great idea, but don’t you think giving $22,000 to under-19 boys was too much?” I think PJL should have been continued but we could have managed its expenses in a better way.

Then the reply that came on this tweet exposed the claims of PJL and Rameez Raja. Under-19 player Shameel Hussain, who played for the Gwadar Sharks team in this tournament, made a sensational disclosure. Shameel, who was the captain of the Gwadar team, wrote, “Haroon Bhai, we have never received any payment.

36 crore loss, tournament closed

During Rameez Raja’s tenure last year i.e. in October 2022, Pakistan Junior League T20 tournament was organized on the lines of Pakistan Super League for under-19 level cricketers. 6 franchises also participated in this tournament and players from some other countries besides Pakistan also came to play. However, the new PCB chief Najam Sethi has decided to call off the tournament as it had caused a loss of more than Rs 36 crore (INR) to the PCB.

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