PAK vs WI: Imran Khan became a disaster for PCB, the venue of ODI series had to be changed, now matches will be in hot heat

Former Pakistan Prime Minister and former captain Imran Khan, who won the country’s only World Cup in cricket, is going through a turbulent phase of his political life these days. Imran Khan, who faced strong opposition from opposition parties in the country as the Prime Minister of Pakistan till two months ago, is himself following the same path after stepping down and with the help of his supporters, is trying to show strength by taking to the streets. However, it is now also affecting Pakistani cricket, which has given him global recognition. In view of the apprehensions of the performances of Imran Khan and his party, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) now had to change the venue of its ODI series. The ODI series between Pakistan and West Indies, starting next week, will be held in Multan instead of Abh Rawalpindi.

On Monday 30 May, the Pakistan Cricket Board announced through a press release that the venue of the three-match ODI series between the two countries has been changed. The board said that Multan will now host all three matches of the series instead of Rawalpindi. This series is very important for both the countries as it is part of the ODI Super League, which is a means of qualifying for the 2023 World Cup.

Imran Khan became the reason for the change!

The Pakistani board did not give any reason for the change in the venue of the series, but the Pakistani reporter of the cricket website ESPN-Cricinfo claimed in its report that this decision has been taken in view of the political tension in the country. Imran Khan and his party PTI recently held a demonstration in the capital Islamabad on May 25, which was quite furious and there was arson and vandalism at many places. It is feared that in the coming days also Imran and his supporters may do such acts in the capital, due to which the PCB had to change its location.

Change for the second time due to Imran

Rawalpindi and Islamabad are intertwined, due to which it is affecting the series to be held in Rawalpindi. Earlier in March, when Imran Khan was the Prime Minister, due to the performance of opposition parties against him, the ODI series against Australia had to be organized in Lahore instead of Rawalpindi. That is, this is the second time this has happened within two and a half months.

Competition will be held in scorching heat

However, there has been no change in the dates of the ODI series and these matches will be played only on June 8, 10 and 12, but the PCB has to change their timings. All three matches will now start at 4 pm (4.30 pm in India) according to Pakistani time. This has been done because at this time there is severe heat in Multan and the temperature remains continuously above 40 degrees. According to the report, cricket is never organized in Multan at this time, but pitches are being remodeled in Lahore and Karachi, while repair work is going on in Peshawar and Multan was the last option.

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