LSG vs MI: Repeatedly made fun of childish mistakes, also got defeated, Lucknow lost the match like this

New Delhi: Only the second season in IPL and reached the playoffs both times. This performance of Lucknow Super Giants, one of the two newest teams of IPL, cannot be called bad, but in both the seasons the team got eliminated in the eliminator match itself. in the eliminator of IPL 2023 Mumbai Indians Had to face defeat against. The biggest reason for this defeat of Lucknow was its suicidal performance, which tarnished the hopes of victory.

In this match played in Chennai, Lucknow bowled first and despite Naveen-ul-Haq’s good start, could not stop Mumbai from a strong score of 182 runs. Nevertheless, Lucknow had strong batting and in such a situation there were hopes of victory. However, Lucknow lost a few wickets early which added to some difficulties.

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3 suicide steps of Lucknow

Despite this, Lucknow had such a batsman in the form of Marcus Stoinis, who could turn the match single-handedly. Stoinis was also batting well but then one after the other Lucknow took suicidal steps and destroyed their chances of reaching the qualifiers.

beginning of decline

It started in the 12th over, when Marcus Stoinis played the ball towards mid-wicket, but ran for two runs despite a fast fielder coming in. This was a risk in itself. Still he ran and this is where the disturbance happened. Instead of running on the right and left side of the pitch, Deepak Hooda and Stoinis started running on the left side. Result – both collided with each other and Stoinis was run out.

It almost ended the hopes of Lucknow. This one run out had a bad effect on the team as Krishnappa Gautam was run out in the very next over. His shot was stopped by Cameron Green by diving but he still started running, while Deepak Hooda was in his place. Green quickly threw the ball to Rohit Sharma, on whose direct throw Gautam was run out.

Mistakes not rectified

Deepak Hooda, who was a participant (not guilty) in two run outs, got himself run out for the third time. In the 15th over, Naveen-ul-Haq played the ball towards Cameron Green, but Deepak Hooda ran for the run. Green threw the ball towards the keeper but both the batsmen were at the striker’s crease. Bowler Akash Madhwal picked up the ball and threw it towards Rohit Sharma, who was on non-strike, and he ran out Hooda.

Although almost all the doors of victory were closed with the wicket of Stoinis, but how bad that run out had on Lucknow, it was seen in the other two run outs. The team finally got bundled out for just 101 runs and lost by 81 runs.

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