KL Rahul, surrounded by questions of strike rate, stopped speaking to everyone, know what he said

Indian team batsman KL Rahul is facing criticism for his batting. Runs are not coming out of his bat, but apart from this, he is on the target of critics for his strike rate. If his T20 strike rate is seen from January 2021, then it has been 127.96. In the press conference before the match against Australia on Tuesday, Rahul was asked about the strike rate, in response to which Rahul said that he is working on it.

Indian vice-captain Rahul on Monday said that he is working on many aspects of his game and strike rate is one of them. Rahul was not very successful in the Asia Cup as well. There were definitely some runs off his bat against Afghanistan, but before that he could not score much runs in the Asia Cup matches on the Zimbabwe tour.

No one is perfect – Rahul

Regarding the question of his batting, Rahul said that no one is perfect in this world. He said, “No one is perfect. No one is perfect in the dressing room. Everyone is working to achieve something in some way or the other. Everyone has a certain role. Obviously, the strike rate is calculated. You will never see at what strike rate the batsman scored runs, whether it was necessary for him to score runs at a strike rate of 200 or even if he scored runs at a strike rate of 100-120, he would have won. Not everyone analyzes such things.”

‘We criticize ourselves’

The Indian team has often been seen failing in multi-team tournaments. Recently in the Asia Cup-2022 also the team could not reach the final. The team gets a lot of criticism for this. Rahul said that the team criticizes itself more than anyone else. He said, “Criticism happens every time. We criticize ourselves more than you criticize. We dream of winning. We are representing our country. We want to win the World Cup and that’s what’s on our mind. When we don’t do well, we are more unhappy than ourselves.

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