IPL 2022 Qualifier 1: GT vs RR match is clouded by Kolkata’s ‘dishonest’ weather, if rain becomes a hindrance then these 3 things will happen

The battle for the IPL 2022 playoffs is starting from today. The beginning of this war means a fight for the title. This fight is to be held at the Eden Gardens of Kolkata. But foul weather is creating a hindrance in this. bad weather in kolkata (Kolkata Bad Weather) is. The chances of storms and rain have become frequent. A day before the storm had caused a lot of damage to Kolkata. Damage Eden Gardens (Eden Gardens) It happened too. Today the first qualifier is to be played. Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals in the match (GT vs RR) The team will be face to face. But, everyone is afraid that the rain should not take away the excitement of this match.

The team of Gujarat Titans finished first in the points table in the group stage. It was also the first team to qualify for the playoffs. At the same time, Rajasthan Royals was the second team in the points table. Now when the cricket battle of the top two teams will break out, then no cricket fan would want the weather to take a turn i.e. rain should disturb it. In such a situation, it becomes very important to know in advance how the weather in Kolkata is going to be on the day of the qualifier match.

How will the weather be in Kolkata today?

The weather in Kolkata is likely to remain warm on Tuesday. That means sweat will come out. The temperature of the city is expected to be 34 to 35 degree Celsius and the humidity level is expected to be high. There is no chance of storm or rain throughout the day, but in the late evening i.e. exactly when the Qualifier One match will start, when the teams of Gujarat and Rajasthan are about to land, the Meteorological Department has predicted storm and rain. is.

If rain becomes an obstacle then 3 things will happen

After knowing the weather condition, it is known that there will be a hindrance of rain. And, what if rain becomes a hindrance? Three things will happen.

First, if even 5 overs could not be played in the match, then the decision would be made by super over.

Second, if the super over does not even happen, the team which is on top of the points table will be declared the winner and made it to the final.

And third, if one innings is done and the second innings is not completed, rain becomes a villain in it, then in that case the match will be decided by Duckworth-Lewis rule.

Earlier, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly visited the Eden Gardens after the devastation caused by the storm and took stock of the preparations. It is reported that CAB has also invited Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to watch the playoffs.

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