IPL 2022 Points Table: Bangalore’s Naiya Par, Delhi’s Fleet Gark

The IPL 2022 season has finally reached that point, which was waiting for many days. Just a day before the end of the league stage, the picture of the playoffs finally became clear. Delhi Capitals, who had reached very close to the last four, had to face defeat to Mumbai Indians in their last match and thus lost their chance to reach the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season. This benefited Royal Challengers Bangalore, who became the fourth team to reach the playoffs. On the other hand, Mumbai’s loss to Delhi and Bangalore’s advantage, despite the victory, completed the tournament with their worst performance in IPL history.

The IPL 2022 season, which began on March 26, was scheduled to play 70 matches, with 10 teams competing for the top four spots. With the increase of two teams, the playoff battle in the tournament became very exciting, the result of which was also shown and in the 69th match, the four teams of the playoff could be decided. On Saturday 21 May, it was to be decided by the collision of Delhi and Mumbai whether the fourth team would be Delhi or Bangalore. Bangalore already had 16 points, but their net run rate was absolutely bad. In such a situation, Delhi needed only 2 points, so that it could reach the playoffs on the basis of better NRR even after being on equal points with Bangalore, but the team failed in this effort.

Delhi’s work is bad, Mumbai’s condition is also bad

With this match, four teams of the season have been decided and also the final picture of the points table has become more or less clear. The top four positions are Gujarat Titans, Rajasthan Royals, Lucknow Super Giants and now Bangalore. Bangalore had 16 points from 14 matches. On the other hand, Delhi will have to be content with fifth place due to defeat in this match. The team has 14 points in 14 matches from 7 wins and 7 losses.

As far as Mumbai is concerned, she may have crossed Bangalore, but she could not do her special good. With only 8 points in 14 matches, the team remained at the last ie 10th points. There can be no change in his place now and this is the worst performance of the five-time champion team in IPL history.

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