IND vs SA: India will not bow down in Vizag, South Africa has been there for 12 years, on whom it will be proud!

Vizag, the process of getting answers for those who have understood that the game of Team India is over after losing 2 matches (Vizag) will start with. India will not bow down in Vizag because it also knows that bowing down now will not help anything. If you bow down now, the whole game will be over. series south africa (South Africa) And then he will keep rubbing his hands. Sealing the series for South Africa would mean further increase in its dominance on Indian soil for the last 12 years. And so be Team India (Team India) Wouldn’t want to at all. This time she would like to break his pride.

What is that 12-year-old thing related to the Indian land of South Africa, before they tell, let us tell you the mathematics of the series so far. South Africa’s team is leading 2-0 in the series of 5 T20 matches against India. The Proteas played the first in Delhi and won the second T20 match played in Cuttack.

South Africa haven’t lost white ball series in India for 12 years

Now talk about the pride of South Africa. That is, for the last 12 years, of its frozen supremacy on Indian soil. In fact, the South African team has not lost any white ball series on Indian soil for the last 12 years. He lost the last series in 2010. Since then he has won one ODI series and one T20 series. Apart from this, he has got a T20 series drawn in India during this period.

It is necessary for Team India to win Vizag behind 0-2

This time India has a chance to break that record of South Africa. And, for this, the first task for Team India, which is trailing 0-2, is to win Vizag. Because by winning it, she will be able to maintain her hopes. Then he will have a chance to win the series by winning the next two matches. And if this happens, then South Africa, which has been proud for 12 years, will be seen falling on it.

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