Hit 2 sixes in 12 balls, then only you will get the powerplay, fans will decide the free hit, know everything about The 6IXTY tournament

Although only three formats are played in international cricket, but more interesting formats of this game are being seen at domestic and league level. While a tournament is played in England by the name of The Hundred, the T10 format is also becoming very famous. Now in this episode, just before the Caribbean Premier League, another 10-over format is going to be launched which will be known as The 6IXTY. This tournament will be played in St Kitts from 24 to 28 August. Let us tell you that in the 6IXTY format, the game will be of 60 balls but its rules are quite different from the T10 league. Let us tell you everything about its rules.

The 6IXTY Tournament Rules

In the 6IXTY format, instead of 10 wickets, there will be a game of 6-6 wickets. Meaning the team will be all out as soon as 5 wickets fall.

In this format, a powerplay will be of two overs but the team will also get the third over in the powerplay. Just one condition has to be fulfilled for that. If the team batting in two overs of the powerplay hits two sixes, then the third powerplay will also open for them.

In the 6IXTY format, 30 consecutive balls will be bowled from one end, while the remaining 30 balls will be bowled from the other end. Usually in cricket, the ends are changed after every 6 balls.

In the 6IXTY format, if a team could not complete 10 overs in 45 minutes, then one of its fielders would be thrown out of the field in the last 6 balls.

Fans will also be able to vote for mystery free hits in The 6IXTY format. This voting will be done through app and website. If the fans feel that a ball should have been a no ball but it was not given by the umpire, then they will be able to enforce it through voting and then under the rule of free hit, the batsman will not be out on that ball.

Who will participate in The 6IXTY Tournament?

Let us tell you that all 6 mens teams of CPL will participate in The 6IXTY tournament. Apart from this, there will also be a competition in this format between 3 teams of women’s CPL. This tournament is being organized just before the Caribbean Premier League.

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