GT vs RR, IPL 2022 Final: Hardik Pandya’s ‘favourite’ blew 22 sixes before the final, how will Rajasthan stop?

IPL 2022 finals (IPL 2022 Final) A big problem has arisen in front of Rajasthan Royals. This difficulty is related to the batsman who hit 22 sixes. Gujarat Titans Captain Hardik Pandya (Hardik Pandya) It is comforting to have him in his team, because he wins matches. Turns fiercely on the wicket. In the final in front of Rajasthan Royals, it will be a challenge to stop the same favorite batsman of Hardik Pandya today. If this is not done, then the aspirations of winning the title can be ruined. Why is he a big threat and when, where and how he hit 22 sixes before the final, he will tell. But before that, just know his name. That batsman is David Miller (David Miller), Miller, who is in the Gujarat camp, is known as a killer for bowlers. And, why is it so, the batting statistics associated with him tell.

David Miller has scored 449 runs in 15 matches played before the final this season at an average of 64.14 and a strike rate of over 141. During this, Miller scored 2 half-centuries but played short but many match-winning innings for Gujarat. He has hit 29 fours and 22 sixes in IPL 2022 before the final. Not only this, Millak’s record and runs scored by him are the highest among the batsmen batting from No. 3 this season.

Why be careful with Miller!

Now the question is whether Rajasthan Royals should be cautious with David Miller just by looking at these figures. No, but the main reason for this is his fierce game against spin. Miller’s game has improved a lot against spin. Miller has scored runs against spin since 2020 at an average of 56.9 and a strike rate of 136.9. During this, he has hit boundaries on every 7th ball. His average against spin is 96 while the strike rate is 144. Talking about this IPL only, the spinners have bowled 28 balls to Miller at full length, on which he has looted 89 runs. In this, he has hit a six in 10 balls. And his strike rate has been 317.85. The same record is also against his fast bowlers. From January 2020 till now, he scored runs at a strike rate of 187 on all the balls the pacer bowled him at full length.

The best way to stop Miller!

After seeing these figures, the challenge before Rajasthan to stop Miller looks really serious. Then what is the solution? The solution is to bowl short and short off good length. Miller’s record against Paes comes down to 127.7 on these two types of balls. At the same time, this season the spinners have bowled him 91 balls on this length, on which he has been able to score only 85 runs at a strike rate of 93.40.

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