Flood came in the life of this cricketer, family member fighting to death in a terrible accident, CWG withdrawn from 2022

New Delhi: I don’t know what happens when in life. This too is as uncertain as the game of cricket. Because if it was not so, then even that cricketer would not be able to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games to be held in Birmingham, in whose life the storm is swirling at the moment. We are talking about South Africa’s all-rounder Marijne Kapp. This information all-rounder of South Africa was currently on a tour of England with his team. Before the Commonwealth Games, the South African team is playing a series there. But in the meantime, Marijne Kapp learns of the havoc of a broken accident on her family.

On hearing the news of the havoc of the broken accident on the family, Cap decided to return home on the back foot. He decided to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games. Meaning now the women’s team of South Africa will have to repeat the wonders of their country’s men’s team done 24 years ago without the cap.

Removal of cap is a big blow for South Africa

24 years ago i.e. in 1998, when cricket became a part of Commonwealth Games for the first time, South Africa’s men’s team won the gold medal. The women’s cricket team is also looking to repeat the same success, but its intention has now suffered a setback after the cap is removed.

Cap hurt by the accident of a close family member

South African all-rounder Marijne Kapp took the decision to pull out of the Commonwealth Games due to the havoc of a broken accident on the family. His brother in law has actually had an accident and at present he is fighting for life and death in the Intensive Care Unit ie ICU. The South African all-rounder has pulled out of the Commonwealth Games after being hurt by this incident.

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