CWG 2022: Age is just a figure, one Indian did wonders at the age of 14, even two are not agreeing to 45

India had a good first day in the Commonwealth Games being played in Birmingham. On the first day i.e. Friday, India got many good news. One of them was the victory of the country’s youngest player, Anahat Singh. At the age of just 14, this squash player made a great start in the women’s singles category and won the first match. On the one hand, where Anahata is showing amazing at a young age, there are some players who are playing in these games by breaking the age barrier. Such players are Sunil Bahadur and Dinesh Kumar of Lawn Balls.

Anahata defeated St. Vincent and Jada Ross of the Grenadines 11-5, 11-2, 11-0 in a one-sided encounter in the final round of 64 on the first day of the tournament. This is the first biggest tournament of Anahata’s career. But did you know that Anahata’s first choice was never squash.

sister became the reason

In fact, this player has shown amazing from an early age. Anahata was selected in the Indian team after his impressive performance at the under-15 level. She has been the champion of Asian Junior Squash and German Open this year. He got entry in these games only after showing a strong game in the National Trials. This emerging player is doing wonders since the age of 11. Anahata started playing at the age of six but then she used to play another game. Anahata started her sports career with badminton. At the same time, his sister Amira used to play squash. Just seeing his sister, Anahata also got addicted to this game.

Initially, Anahata used to play this game for some time for fun, but then when she participated in tournaments, she started liking this game more. Anahata is quoted by ESPN as saying, “I used to go with my sister and just play like this for 15-20 minutes for fun, but I was not serious because I was playing badminton. My sister was playing a tournament in Bengal at that time so I also participated in it and started practicing.

got along with family

Anahata also got support from her family. Anahata’s parents have played hockey during college days and have supported Anahata in this journey. Anahata has so far won 46 national medals, two national circuit titles, two national championships and eight international titles.

India’s oldest player

Anhat is India’s youngest player in these sports. But there are two players who have told that age is not a limit in sports. There are two players in lawn balls who have said that age is a matter of age. These players are Sunil Bahadur and Dinesh Kumar. Both of them are 45 years old and both of them are showing amazing even at this age. This is Sunil’s fourth Olympics. He has been playing in these games every year since 2010. Dinesh Kumar is also 45 years old and plays only lawn balls. Both these players were part of India’s first lawn balls team to participate in the Commonwealth Games.

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