CSK IPL 2022: No team like Chennai Super Kings in IPL! Harbhajan Singh gave inside information

Chennai Super Kings (Chennai Super Kings) IPL (IPL) can be called the most successful team. She has won the title four times while she has been runner-up five times. No other team played the finals or made it to the playoffs more than CSK. Chennai Super Kings reached the final in the first season of the tournament itself and was the champion in the last completed season i.e. 2021. Along with the game of CSK, its atmosphere is also highly appreciated. Any player who has played for this team has praised it tremendously. In this episode Harbhajan Singh (Harbhajan Singh) explained why Chennai Super Kings is different from the rest of the teams and why they are so much liked.

In a conversation with Sportskeeda, Harbhajan Singh told that CSK takes care of the players as well as their families. The franchisee bears the expenses of the player’s family coming from any corner of the world. There is no pressure here. Whether the team wins or loses, the atmosphere remains the same. It seems as if the players are on holiday with family. Harbhajan Singh became a part of Chennai in 2018 after playing for Mumbai Indians for 10 years. He was a part of this team till 2020. Under him, CSK won the title in 2018 while traveling to the final in 2019.

What did Bhajji say on CSK?

Harbhajan Singh said about the experience of playing CSK,

I played for Mumbai Indians for 10 years. When I went to Chennai Super Kings, I saw a new culture there. There, CSK used to bear the expenses of the players’ family tickets, food, living, traveling, going somewhere. And this was not only for one member. If 10 people from a player’s family had come, the same thing would have happened. Wherever there is a match, the same will bear the cost of his ticket. Other teams don’t do this. If your partner is also with the rest of the teams, then you will have to bear his expenses. If extra room was needed in the hotel, then its charge was deducted from the salary. This is not the case with CSK.

Harbhajan Singh said – small things affect

Bhajji further said that such small things make a big difference. Seeing these, the player feels that he should kill himself. There used to be six-seven families in CSK and only children used to live with children, so it seems that a picnic is taking place. Not so in other teams.

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