9 batsmen did not open account, team all out for 17 runs, T20 match ended in 2.2 overs!

There are many examples of small scores in T20 cricket. Teams have been seen collapsing many times. His innings has been scattered. but the match (T20 Match) We are going to talk about there, the target was so small that the match did not even last 3 overs. In just 2.2 overs, the target given by the opposing team was chased. Now know what the goal was. This target was only 18 runs. Hampshire Cricket League (Hampshire Cricket League) In a match of Division 6, 2 bowlers together made a team so bad that it became difficult for its batsmen to stay on the wicket. This match was played by Odysham & Gravel Cricket Club and Overton Cricket Club. (Overton CC) among. Odysham & Gravel Cricket Club won this match by 8 wickets. But no one had imagined the amazing way in which he won.

Overton Cricket Club batted first in the match but their game was not as it should have looked. Only 2 bowlers from Odysham & Gravel Cricket Club dominated the entire team. As a result, his condition became dilapidated.

9 batsmen scored zero, team all out for 17 runs

9 batsmen of Overton Cricket Club also failed to open the account. Means only come and go on the wicket. And the remaining 2 batsmen also did not break any big mountain. Together they scored only 3 runs. Now you will say how 17 runs were scored again? So in this too the opposition team contributed more than the team of Overton Cricket Club. Odysham & Gravel Cricket Club tried two bowlers in the match. These two bowlers also took all the 11 wickets of Overton. And he also gave 14 runs as an extra, due to which Overton’s score board could see 17 runs not 3.

Odysham & Gravel Cricket Club bowler Sophie Cook targeted 7 batsmen for 4 runs in 5.3 overs, while the remaining 3 wickets were taken by Joy van der Flier giving 13 runs in 6 overs. That is, the entire team of Overton batted only 11.3 overs.

18 runs chased in 2.2 overs

Now Odysham & Gravel Cricket Club had a target of 18 runs, which they achieved by losing 2 wickets in just 14 balls. That is, he won this match in 2.2 overs only. Both of his openers were among those who were dismissed from Odysham’s side, one of whom scored 6 runs and the other did not even open the account.

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