50-over ODI World Cup will be the last time, is the new format of cricket going to come?

New Delhi. Is there going to be a new format in cricket? Is there going to be a change in ODI cricket? Will ODI matches be played for 40 overs now? It is difficult to get answers to these questions right now, but talks of these changes have definitely started happening. Former head coach of Team India, Ravi Shastri believes that to keep the ODI format alive, a change is necessary in it. He has advised that ODI cricket should now be of 40-40 overs. Dinesh Karthik has also supported Shastri’s statement. Dinesh Karthik said that ODI cricket is losing its charm and this year’s World Cup could be 50 overs for the last time. Why are Ravi Shastri and Dinesh Karthik talking like this? It is also very important to know this. read this also- No ODI-T20 series for the country, 4 big players will play in IPL 2023, even the captain is not in the team Ravi Shastri said – change the ODI cricket Team India’s former coach Ravi Shastri said that ODI cricket should be saved For this, it should be reduced to 40-40 overs in future. Shastri said, I am saying this because when we won the World Cup in 1983, matches used to be of 60 overs, then the interest of the people decreased and its overs have been reduced to 50 overs. I think the time has come to reduce it to 40 overs. Change is necessary with time. ODI cricket has become boring: Dinesh Karthik Dinesh Karthik took Ravi Shastri’s point a step further. He said that people want to see Test cricket which is the best format of cricket. People watch T20 for entertainment but the 50 over game has started getting boring. People don’t want to sit and watch it for 7 hours. That’s why Karthik is feeling that maybe the World Cup to be held in India will be played for the last time in 50 overs. Now how much power is there in the words of Ravi Shastri and Dinesh Karthik and only time will tell what ICC thinks about it. read this also- Virat Kohli made Rahul Dravid wait, head coach was yearning for 16 months

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