BiggBoss 6 Telugu | War between Geetu and Inaya Sultana..this is the first task..!

It is known that Bigg Boss season 6 (BiggBoss Telugu 6) started with the members dancing. But it is difficult to imagine Bigg Boss show without conflicts. As expected, the first war took place between Geetu royal and Inaya Sultana. This war was serious and fun and made everyone laugh.

Inaya Sultana got into a fight with Geethu saying that those who took a bath in the bathroom..Geetu should remove the hair lying there. Both of them cursed each other saying that you are better than you. In this sequence, Geethu played with Royal Inaya Sultana. This promo, which has already been released, has gone viral.

It is known that house mates are divided into three classes namely class, mass and trash. The house mates who were in one class on the first day changed to another class. Geethurayal, who was in the trash at first, came to class on the second day. Inaya who is in the trash team shows the dots. As a part of the task, Inaya Sultana Geetu Royal has to do what he says to do. With Inaya, she did things like fetching a bottle, fetching lemon juice and fetching a comb. In addition, Inaya ordered Sultana to sing the song. If I say work, I will do it.. But I will not sing songs and poems for you, Geetu said on your face.

What is the first task..?

There are three classes: class, trash, mass. They can do whatever they want with the housemates. They can use the VIP balcony. They also have a chance to become captain contenders. And the trash..that means the housemates in it should crouch and eat only in the garden area. There is no eligibility to compete for captaincy. They will be directly nominated.

And mass means..they don’t have any powers. There will be no special facilities or amenities. No chance of getting nominated. In the final who will be in class, mass and trash categories..Who will be nominated in the first week is currently suspenseful. Clarity on this matter will come in the upcoming episodes.



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