Will Smith disclosed in front of David Letterman in an interview given before the Oscar event, said – had experienced trauma during his career

Hollywood star Will Smith (Will Smith) by David Letterman (David Letterman) He has disclosed about the trauma of his life in an interview with This interview was recorded before slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars event. According to E News, this interview of Will Smith was released on May 20 and Will Smith was one of the many stars in the interview taken for season 4 of this ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ series.

Will Smith opens up about the trauma of his life

Will Smith looked quite calm during this interview. Actually, his interview started with Black Title Cart, in which it was told that, ‘This episode was shot before the 2022 Academy Awards.’ This interview with Will Smith lasted for about an hour. During this, Will Smith revealed some unheard aspects related to his life. He said that, I experienced trauma as a child and during my career. After seeing his father, he considered himself a coward. His father killed his mother in front of him but he could not do anything.

He further said that, apart from moving ahead in his career, he got a chance to become a happy person and present his positive image to the people. I wanted people to feel good and be happy always. Because when I saw my house in this condition, I felt that I am completely safe.

Looking at the condition of the house, Will felt that he was safe now.

The outlet reported in its report that Will said that, after taking ayahuasca, he realized that his entire life’s vision was being ruined. Will shared that, ‘When I came out of it, I also realized that whatever happens in my life, I can handle it completely. Even I can handle a loser. I can handle anything wrong in my life and I can handle my marriage well too.

According to E News, Will Smith ended the one-hour conversation and finally shared that he has unlocked all the parts of what he has faced as an actor and struggled in his life.

Chris Rock was slapped by Will at the Oscars event

For your information, let us tell you that recently in this year’s 2022 Oscar event, Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock in front of everyone. Actually, comedian Chris Rock joked about Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, on which Will got angry and slapped Chris Rock. This incident was in a lot of headlines at that time. Following this incident, Will Smith resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Will was banned by the Academy for 10 years after this incident. However, he also regretted his actions and apologized to Chris Rock in front of everyone.

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