Who is Cillian Murphy, the actor who went viral on Insta Reels? Learn how Peaky Blinders changed their fortunes

Peaky Blinders Actor Cillian Murphy Birthday: Hardly anyone would have noticed Cillian Murphy of Cork city of Ireland before the series Peaky Blinders, who has worked in many successful films like The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy, Inception and Dunkirk. His character Thom Shelby was well liked in this series. The series gave him such recognition that people all over the world became crazy about him. Thousands of Peaky Blinders fans will be found in India too. But Cillian got the most fame here from the reels of Instagram. Today he has turned 47 years old. In such a situation, some unknown and untold things are known about him.

You must be wondering how people would know an Irish actor in India, while only one series has become his hit. In fact, if you also watch reels of romantic, gangster life and sad moments on Instagram, then you must have seen Cillian Murphy at some point or the other. Cillian Murphy himself prefers to stay away from the limelight. He does not have any official account even on social media, but on one of his fan pages you will find more than 16 lakh followers. In this way, he has many fan pages who keep sharing his hit dialogues and best moments on Insta.

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Will appear in Christopher Nolan’s film

Cillian Murphy is in the best phase of his life now. Cillian will be seen in the lead role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Oppenheimer. The film is based on a book named American Prometheus, which is a biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer, who led the makers of the Atom Bomb. Cillian is now playing the character of this scientist. This film will be released on 21 July.

Who is Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy is an Irish artist. He is married to Irish actress Vaughn McGuinness and has two sons. Murphy is the eldest of four siblings in his family. According to the New York Times, Murphy’s parents are school teachers. Murphy has been very fond of reading books and music. During his youth, he also formed a band with his brother.

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Cillian got involved in acting at the age of 16. He came to know about theater during a drama in school. Although he said that he never went to the theater because it used to spoil his mind. He started law studies, but it was not completed. Then he met a teacher who used to run a theater company named Corcadorca in Cork. After giving many auditions, he was finally taken. He was also cast in Disco Pigs.

When Danny Boyle saw the film version of Disco Pigs, he asked Murphy to audition him for ’28 Days Later’. It was a horror film that came in the year 2003 which was a hit. Christopher Nolan then saw Murphy’s picture and called him to audition for a role in Batman Begins. He was given the role of villain in the film.

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then got peaky blinders

Peaky Blinders is based on a criminal family in Birmingham. It started in the year 2013 and till now its 6 seasons have come, in which there are 36 episodes. Steven Knight, who wrote and produced this series, told in an interview that when Murphy is onscreen, everyone sees him. There are 68 lakh followers on the official Instagram page of this series.

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