Top 5 News: Case filed against South’s actress Sai Pallavi, Richa Chadha’s statement regarding sexism, read entertainment world news

entertainment world (Entertainment Industry) Every day something or the other happens that makes headlines. At the same time, fans are also very curious to know the news related to their stars. Friday was also very important for the entertainment world. Where on one side the popular actress Sai Pallavi of South (Sai Pallavi) After the statement given on Kashmiri Pandits, a case has been registered against them, then Richa Chadha (Richa Chaddha) It has been said that women technicians are victims of sexism on the sets of the film. This Friday, many main news of the entertainment world came in the headlines. If you have missed these news then you do not need to worry, you can read these news in detail in Entertainment Top 5.

Sai Pallavi: South star Sai Pallavi, who is badly trapped by giving statement on Kashmiri Pandits, case registered in police, know what is the matter

Sai Pallavi, a well-known actress of the South film industry, is now seen surrounded by controversies. Nowadays Sai is in discussion for his upcoming film Virat Parvam. Actress Sai Pallavi is also promoting her film in full swing. But recently Sai Pallavi has come into controversy due to the statement given by her. Recently, during one of her interviews, actress Sai Pallavi said something about Kashmiri Pandits, after which a controversy has erupted on social media. This dispute increased so much that a case was registered against him.

Richa Chadha: Then Richa Chadha’s statement in discussions, said- Women technicians are victims of sexism on the sets of the film

Actress Richa Chadha is known for her outspoken statements. Richa Chadha while talking about how sexism remains a default behavior not only in the film industry but also in the society at large. Actress Richa Chadha has recently turned to film production. Actress Richa Chadha, along with her partner and actor Ali Fazal, started a production company Pushing Button Studios only last year. Let us tell you that due to fewer women in the lighting department, both the couples are looking for a women’s team for their first production Girls Will Be Girls.

Kevin Spacey Bail: Kevin Spacey denies sexual harassment allegations, court grants bail, hearing adjourned till July 14

Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, facing sexual assault cases, has been granted unconditional bail. Let us tell you that Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey appeared before a London court on Thursday to face sexual harassment charges against three persons. Where he has been granted unconditional bail till the full trial of the trial begins. Actor Kevin Spacey, 62, arrived in London’s Westminster court for a preliminary hearing, which was already packed with media persons. However, the actor denies the allegations against him.

Tim Sale Passes Away: Batman’s comic book artist Tim Sale passed away, was hospitalized for several days due to serious illness

Comic book artist Tim Sale, who became famous for his iconic stories including The Long Halloween, passed away on Thursday, June 17. Not much information has been revealed about his death. He was 66 years old. During his lifetime, Tim Sell has illustrated several Batman comics with comic book author Jeph Loeb, such as Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman Noir: Dark Victory, Catwoman: When in Rome. Let us tell you that the information of his death came to know through tweet. This tweet was done from his official Twitter account. It should be noted that due to ill health for the last several days, he was admitted to the hospital.

Justin Bieber Tour Canceled: Justin Bieber’s fans got a big shock, due to paralysis the pop singer canceled the US tour

The world’s famous pop singer Justin Bieber had told about his illness some time ago. Due to which the fans were also shocked. Bieber had told that his face has been attacked by the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome virus, due to which his face has become paralyzed. On hearing this news, the hearts of his fans were broken and people started praying for his speedy recovery. Now meanwhile, pop star Justin Bieber has revealed about his America tour. This news may further disappoint his fans.

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