This allegation is on Johnny Depp – drug was given to Ellen Barkin before having sex

Recently, the ongoing defamation case between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard came to an end. However, now some unsealed documents have come to the fore in this case, which shows that Johnny Depp drugged him before having sex with his ex Ellen Barkin. It has been revealed that Johnny Depp drank too much red wine and had given the drug Qualud to have sex for the first time.

Johnny Depp sexually abused by giving drugs!

More than 6 thousand documents related to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp appeared in court, in which many sensational revelations have been made. Johnny Depp’s ex Ellen Barkin has now testified in a defamation lawsuit. Allen has claimed that Johnny Depp was always drunk and the person controlling him was also the same. Allen said in his statement that, ‘Johnny was often drunk and jealous of people. He always used to ask me where are you going? with whom are you going? what did you do last night? Moreover, he also accused me of betraying him.

Johnny Depp used to abuse every talk – Ellen Barkin

Ellen further said that, ‘He may be handsome but he is also a person who abuses on talk. When Johnny Depp and I had a relationship for the first time, the actor gave him Quaalude, which was a kind of drug. Both were dating each other in the 90s. At that time Johnny Depp gave Ellen Barkin Qualude and then asked her if she wanted to have a relationship? Ellen called Johnny Depp an alcoholic and said that he used to behave violently. Depp also used to treat those working under him badly and used to insult them all the time.

Johnny Depp is battling erectile dysfunction

Just a few days ago, the lawyers of Hollywood actress Amber Heard made various claims. Amber Heard’s lawyers even told Johnny Depp to be impotent. Apart from this, he also claimed that Johnny Depp is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and that is why he used to get violent with Amber Heard. He was also getting its treatment done, as evidence of which papers were also presented in the court.

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