The Gray Man Trailer Released: The trailer of Dhanush’s first Hollywood film released, South Superstar seen in full action

The trailer of South Star Dhanush’s Hollywood film ‘The Gray Man’ has been released. Actor Dhanush from this movie (South Superstar Dhanush) Going to step into the world of Hollywood too. The fans of Dhanush were eagerly waiting for this film. In such a situation, this wait of the fans is over. The film ‘The Gray Man’ (The Gray Man) The trailer of the film has been released in which the sequence of action is being seen. Dhanush’s different style has come to the fore in the film’s trailer. After which many reactions of fans are also coming out. Fans were desperate for the film, so Netflix had also shared some posters of the film’s cast on Monday.

Watch the trailer of the film here-

A total of 4 posters have come out before the trailer release, one of which is also of Dhanush. Among the posters released through Netflix, the first poster was Dhanush then Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas’ character. During this, the character of Dhanush was described as ‘deadly power’. Ryan Gosling’s character was called ‘Uncatchable’. The film was called “The Unstoppable” for Chris Evans and “The Untraceable” for Ana de Armas.

In this Netflix film, Dhanush is seen demanding something and if not found, there are fierce action scenes between the two actors, which have been played very well. As usual, Dhanush fits perfectly in his character. At the same time, other actors of the film have also put their lives in the film. In the trailer, everything is quiet in the beginning, but as you progress, first fireworks are seen and then after about 25 seconds, bullets and bombings start, which tells that this film It is going to be an action packed film. And the audience is also going to have a lot of fun watching this film.

Although, what is the role of Dhanush in the film has not been disclosed yet, but as soon as the release of the film, the curtain will be revealed and it will be known in which role he will be seen in this film.

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