Sister-in-law’s drug addiction took her life 11 years ago, now brother-in-law died of overdose

famous english singer Amy Winehouse She was just 27 when she died of alcohol poisoning at her London home in 2011. Now his brother-in-law has also died due to drug overdose. The younger brother of Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband escaped from a mental health hospital. However, he died due to an overdose of heroin. This has become clear after his postmortem.

Elder brother was married to Amy Winehouse

Freddie Civil’s older brother, Blake Fielder-Civil, was married to singer Amy Winehouse. Freddy’s body was found in his underwear in his hotel. During this, along with Freddy, his friend was also present on the occasion of the incident. The medical team declared him dead. If media reports are to be believed, a pathologist said that there was a ‘lethal level of morphine’ in his body which had increased after injecting heroin. Freddy died of suffocation in his own vomit.

Know what Lisa Barker has to say

Lisa Barker said in the court during this time that ‘it was not seen that a large amount of drug was consumed. One who takes heroin regularly, he could avoid these drugs because their consumption all the time creates tolerance in the body. But for those who have not consumed drugs, it was an overdose. Because the body was not used to it for a long time.

Freddy was a victim of paranoid schizophrenia

Freddie, born in Grantham, Lincolnshire, was sentenced for a crime involving HMP Leeds. Although what crime he had committed, it could not be disclosed. He was detained under the Mental Health Act in 2018 at Newton Lodge, a medium security unit in the grounds of Fieldhead Hospital in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. He was initially diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

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