Sensational disclosure of the actress, the producer said – first take a bath with me or else…

Pop Star Ashanti: For the past few years, a lot of sexual harassment cases have come to the fore in the entertainment industry under Meetu. This spark has spread from Bollywood to Hollywood. Meanwhile, now a revelation by American pop star Ashanti has shaken everyone. Ashanti has made many serious allegations against the well-known music producer. The pop singer says that the music producer asked her to take a bath with him. Not only this, for not doing so, he was asked to pay $ 40,000 (Rs 32 lakh) for each song.

Everyone is stunned after hearing this revelation of 42 years old American pop star. According to the report, pop star Ashanti says that a music director demanded that she take a bath with him and said that if she did not do so, he would have to pay him $ 40,000 for every track she worked on with him. According to the information received, the singer says that she was in a mad situation, the producer with whom she had worked for several weeks, asked her to take a bath with him.

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Talking in a radio show also, Singer said that, we have recorded two videos together. He told me that it is okay, I will not take any charge from you. But when it was time to release the album, the producer said, okay, let’s take a bath together. At first Ashanti thought he was joking. But he told Singer that he is serious. The producer told them that, let’s take out, or let’s take a bath together. In return, he asked Singer to give him the record.

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