Rapper Costa Tich died on stage during the performance, you will be shocked to see the last video

Mumbai, South Africa famous artist and rapper kosta tsobanoglu, also known as Costa Tich, has passed away. Costa’s fans are stunned after this news came to the fore. Last day i.e. on Saturday, Costa was performing during the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg, during which he suddenly fell on the stage and died. During this, a video is also going viral on social media. Actually the Ultra Music Festival was hosted on the previous day. Where a crowd of his fans also gathered to listen to Costa’s songs. To please his fans, the rapper sang more than one song and also won the hearts of his fans. But no one would have thought that this is going to be his last performance. During this, the fans present were also making his videos. Which are now going viral.

It can be seen in the video that Costa performs and everyone present there is dancing with him. Then suddenly he falls, but the people standing there make him stand. People think that he stumbled and fell. But the next moment he falls again. After a while everyone understands that his heart is not beating. South African media personality Phil Mphela confirmed the news via Twitter late on Saturday night. Amphela wrote in his tweet, RIP: Costa Titch. Nelspruit-born artist and dancer, real name Kosta Tsobanoglu, has passed away. He was 27 years old. Teach was also known for his contributions in the Amapiano style with hits such as ‘Big Flexa’, ‘Nakalkatha’ and ‘Activate’.

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