Oscars 2023: By whom and for how much is the trophy made, how much money does the winner get in the world on such a name? know everything

Oscars 2023: Preparations for the biggest honor of the entertainment world, the Oscars, are going on in full swing. This time India also has high hopes from the Oscars. Artists from all over the world wait for this day because if someone wins the Oscar Award even once, then his life becomes successful. Oscar is considered the biggest honor in the art world. On the occasion of 95th Academy Awards, interesting facts related to this award show are being told. How did the Oscars start? The award was first created by Cedric Gibbons, director of MGM Studio Art. There are 5 spokes at the bottom of this award, which indicate the 5 divisions of the Academy. This award has been inspired by the naked photo of actor Emilio Fernandes. That’s why Oscar’s statue also looks naked. It was created by Los Angeles sculptor George Stanley. Read this too – My husband killed Satish Kaushik for 15 crores, woman’s sensational claim What are Oscars made of gold By the way, whenever you see an Oscar award, it seems as if it is made of gold. But this is not the truth. The Oscar Award is made of bronze and over it there is a layer of 24-karat gold. This award is 13.5 inches long and weighs 450 grams. Read this too- Sonu Sood’s one step changed Amarjeet Jaykar’s life, got the biggest chance of life. How much does it cost? It costs 1000 dollars i.e. about 82 thousand rupees to make an Oscar award. It takes a month to make about 50 Oscars. But you will be surprised to know that if you sell this award then it costs just $1. But the rule says at the moment that you cannot sell this award. How did Oscar get its name? When Margaret Herrick, executive director of the Academy, looked at this trophy, she found this statue like her Uncle Oscar. That’s why he named this award as Oscar. Earlier it was known as Academy Award only. Emil Jennings was the first actor to receive this honor. He was awarded an Oscar for the film The Lost Command.

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