Netflix took action on Chris Rock’s Will Smith joke, made this change before the Oscars

Oscars 2023 is constantly in the headlines. However, whenever Oscar is being mentioned, everyone is also remembering Chris Rock and Will Smith’s ‘Thappad Kand’. It is difficult for everyone to forget this incident. After the ‘Thappad scandal’, this year the Oscar team has made many major changes. At the same time, for the first time in the past, Chris Rock spoke on this incident for the first time. The Rock discussed the ‘Thappad scandal’ in his Netflix special ‘Selective Outrage’. During this, Rock told Will Smith a joke about this incident. He had said that he would not play the victim. Rock further said that he would never give Will Smith a chance to see him as a victim. During this joke, Chris took the name of a wrong film of Will Smith, which was later removed from the final edit of the show. Get ready. My next stand-up special Selective Outrage will be streaming LIVE on Netflix. March 4 at 10pm ET/7pm PT #chrisrocklive — Chris Rock (@chrisrock) December 25, 2022 In ‘Selective Outrage’ Chris Says Will Smith’s Wife Talked About Leaving The Oscars Years Ago Where was She said this because her husband was not nominated. It was pointless, he also teased the 2015 sports biopic, Concussion. In which Will played the role of a forensic pathologist. To which Chris again said, "No, not salvation, I joke."

Chris also teased the mention of Will’s recently released film Emancipation, his film was released in December last year. According to a report in Entertainment Weekly, his joke has been removed from the current version of the show. Everyone will remember the slap incident of last year. At the Oscars, Chris Rock commented on Will Smith’s wife’s illness, which Will Smith did not like at all. After which Will climbed the stage and slapped Chris.

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