Justin Bieber Health Update: Justin Bieber did not give up, despite the face being paralyzed, said – this storm will also pass

Ever since pop singer Justin Bieber shared the news of face paralysis with his fans, his fans are very much worried about the health of their favorite singer. Recently Justin has posted a story on Instagram. In this story, this famous singer is giving updates to his fans about his health. This is a very emotional message for Justin’s fans because despite so many troubles, his beloved singer is not ready to give up at all.

Know what Justin writes

In his story, Justin writes that Singer wrote- “I want to share information about how I am feeling with everyone. Every day is getting better for me than the day gone by. In the midst of all these difficulties and inconveniences, I have learned to breathe a sigh of relief because of the one who has created me and knows me. I have been made to realize that he knows everything about me. He knows such a dark part of my life, which I had kept hidden from everyone till now. Despite this, he has adopted me in his arms, has loved me.

Justin has been a victim of rare disease

Justin further writes that “This new thinking has made me feel at peace. I am moving through the storms because my thinking is giving me the necessary restraint. I am sure this storm will also pass because Jesus is with me.” Let us tell you, Justin Bieber has got a rare disease, due to which his face has died of paralysis. The name of his disease is “Rare Neurological Disorder” (Ramsay hunt syndrome), due to this disease he is unable to feel his face, nor is he able to bring some expressions.

Singer wants to come back on stage soon

Due to this illness of Justin, his shows have also been canceled but his fans are not celebrating the show at all. He is hoping that his favorite singer gets well soon. Fans all over the world are praying for Justin’s recovery. Justin has also promised his fans that as soon as he recovers, he will return to the stage.

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