Johnny Depp was battling impotence, claims ex-wife Amber Heard’s lawyer

Hollywood actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are once again in the headlines. In the past, both of them were in a lot of headlines due to their defamation case. trial verdict Johnny Depp came in favor of Let us tell you that during this high profile case, both of them had made many sensational allegations against each other. But after the court’s decision came in favor of Johnny Depp, his ex-wife Amber Heard was ordered to pay $10 million in damages. Now another sensational revelation related to this matter has come to light.

Ember Heard made a shocking claim

Let us tell you that more than 6 thousand court documents related to this case have come to the fore. In which Amber Heard’s lawyers claimed that Johnny Depp is suffering from erectile dysfunction, that is, he is named. Amber Heard’s lawyers claimed that this was the reason he sexually assaulted his ex-wife. In court documents, lawyers claim that Johnny Depp was getting treatment for erectile dysfunction. Let us tell you that during the trial, the lawyers of Amber Heard also wanted to present the papers related to it as evidence in the court.

Depp used to beat too

Let us tell you that there have been many more revelations in these documents. Amber’s lawyers have claimed that Johnny Depp used to beat Ember with the same problem. Amber Heard’s team even claimed that Ember wanted to hide the matter of erectile dysfunction from Heard. On the other hand, Johnny Depp’s team rejected these allegations. Johnny’s team argued that Amber wanted to embarrass Depp during the trial by claiming erectile dysfunction.

Johnny’s team also claimed that Amber’s allegation of erectile dysfunction was baseless. Johnny Depp’s medical history and treatment have nothing to do with the case. These two met in the year 2009. After dating for many years, both of them got married in the year 2015. However, after two years in the year 2017, the marriage of both of them broke up.

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